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All publications are related to Noni and was either published by WNRF / ISNS




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Published in Journals / Proceedings


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Journals Published by ISNS

"International Journal of Noni Research" is an half yearly publication of ISNS from 2010 onwards. It was earlier published by WNRF

The issues of the journal related to 2010 and 2011 are published.

The members and councillors of Editorial Board is constituted which takes effect from volume 5 (2010) onwards


Editorial Board

Dr. Kirti Singh


Dr. P. Rethinam

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Dr. T. Marimuthu

Dr. K.L. Chadha (India)
Dr. Hari Gautam, (India)
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Dr. K.V. Raman (USA)
Prof. P. I. Peter (India)

Dr. P. Pushpangadan (India)
Dr. S. N. Puri (India)
Dr. M.P. Yadav (India)
Dr. P. Geervani (India)
Dr. Manmohan Attavar (India)
Dr. Ajay Singh (Canada)
Dr. V. A. Parthasarathy (India)
Dr. Murukesan V. Krishnapillai (USA)